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Snow Cone & Ice Crushers

Snow Cone Machines

USA-made sno cone machines from Paragon often pay for themselves with just one event and are highly popular with sports clubs and fundraising committees.

Our slushie or granita machines are manufactured in Italy and are ideal for carnivals, markets and fundraisers alike, with a range of consumables available.



Paragon has been operating since 1965. They export, from their factory in Iowa, to more than 43 countries around the world.
These Sno Cone machines are the stuff of legend: high performance, amazing reliability and that classic styling – they are exactly what Snow Cone machines should be.
We stand behind every one of these machines with our legendary Davidson service, long warranties and a full range of spare parts.
We also provide a range of very popular Sno Cone Syrups and Consumables
, all made here in Australia to suit the local palette. You should also check out our range of Carts for Sno Cone Machines for even greater visual (and emotional) impact.

Features of the Paragon Sno Cone machine range

  • Ice processing components are solid cast Aluminium.

  • Blades are high grade Stainless Steel, adjustable and easy to replace.

  • Casing is Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

  • Powder coating is easy to clean and chip resistant.

  • Powerful 1/3 HP motor running at 1725 rpm.

  • Produces 225 kg of shaved ice per hour (approx 1000 sno cones).

  • Internal illumination promotes the product and encourages impulse purchases*.

  • Illuminated sign attracts attention*.

  • High impact resistant polycarbonate windows.

  • Blue tinting is attractive and effective in reducing heat transmission to ice.

  • Safety switch prevents accidental start up.

  • Slanted draining deck, of food grade plastic, extends shelf life

  • Market leading warranty.

  • Full range of original Spare Parts.

* The Arctic Blast does not have internal lighting or an illuminated sign.

3 years limited warranty: 1 year labour / 3 years parts