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Hoshizaki IM65NEQ Ball Ice

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Hoshizaki IM65NEQ Ball Ice
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Product Brochure: IM65NE Q

The IM65NE-Q Icemaker produces clean, pure and perfectly round ball ice. 


Ice production: 105kg @ 21°C Air 15°C Water

Ice storage: 35kg

Ball Ice Shape 45mm round

Dimensions (WxDxH mm): 738x600x980 + legs

Unit weight: 75kg Shipping weight: 90kg (aprox.)

Power Supply: 240Vac 50 Hz 1 phase 10amp

Each ice sphere is individually made by a jet spray, creating ice with a high quality finish. Featuring a hygienic design, this closed cell ice making system automatically drains and refills after each new batch. This rinse and flush cycle ensures you always produce the freshest products, with less risk of contamination. Create cocktails with the wow factor, ideal for highball or old fashioned glasses, this ice ball machine will never cease to amaze your clientèle!

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