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Summer Cocktails – Meet the Kentucky Mule

By  David Burgess
Category: Ice Machines

The Kentucky Mule is a special little cocktail that's a guaranteed hit for any summer gathering. The cocktail – adapted from the Moscow Mule – features mint, lime, ginger, whisky, and a whole lot of ice.

Read on to learn how to wow your friends this summer with a Kentucky Mule.

What You’ll Need

A good cocktail relies on having the right high-quality ingredients and some basic equipment. Here's everything you'll need to get the mule kicking


  • A bundle of mint leaves
  • Lime (one will make four cocktails, plus one more for garnish). You could use lime juice from a bottle, but it’s definitely better when it comes from an actual lime.
  • Ginger beer – preferably a brand with a bit of kick to it.
  • Whisky, preferably Kentucky bourbon, but any whisky will do.
  • Lots of ice, ideally from a good ice machine – if you have an ice crusher attachment you could even make a Kentucky Mule slushy!


  • Copper mugs – these can be found at any kitchen-oriented stores.
  • One shaker.
  • One muddler – a spoon or fork will work just fine, but you’ll definitely ‘present’ better with a real muddler.
  • A knife – be careful, especially after the first few drinks.

Getting Prepared

Firstly, get a few mint leaves and a lime. Cut the lime into quarters, but leave the mint leaves intact – you’ll muddle them into the recipe in a moment.

Muddling the Waters

Next, throw your mint leaves and a quarter of the lime into your muddler. Muddle up the ingredients until there's nothing left to muddle.

Ice and Booze

Now you’ll want to get a generous amount of ice from your ice maker and add it to the shaker. Then pour around 45 millilitres – that’s two and a half shots – over the ice, mint leaves, and mint. Put the lid on your shaker and, shake it, but gently; just enough to mix the flavours.

The Final Touches

The drink is almost finished now, but there are a few final steps. First, pour the shaken ingredients into one of your copper mugs. Now gently pour in about 120 millilitres of ginger beer. You can add a little more if you have a sweet tooth or a little less if you like that alcoholic kick.

Cut a lime wheel and make a little slice so you can pop it on the side of the mug, lay a mint leaf or two on top, and it’s ready to enjoy!

You will be the hit of the party with your very own ice machine. Get yours today and start making your summer, autumn, winter and spring cocktails.


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