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Flake Ice Machines

By  David Burgess
Category: Ice Machines

We’ve talked about flake ice machines before, and we thought that it was high time that we talk about them again. This time, let’s look at owning a flake ice machine from a money making standpoint. How can you make money from your flake ice machine?

First, let’s talk a little about flake ice. It’s like snow, really. Easily packable, put into the fish displays, wrapped around produce, used to chill the salads in the salad bar, and a bunch of other uses. It is also the best type of ice that you can use for creating cold packs, because it easily molds to the shape that you need.

But how can your flake ice machine make you money?

Well, that depends on the business that you’re in. Let’s say that you’re a convenience store owner that’s near a lake or a river that people frequent for fishing. If you happen to have something to pack fish, something better than those bags of half cube that you find in a merchandiser, you can charge a touch more to give your patrons what they want.

Maybe you’re at that same convenience store and have construction workers come by all day, needing to fill their coolers. Well, if you give them flake ice, they will enjoy it more because of the pliability that the ice has. Hence, you can charge a little bit more money to your customers, and pocket a few bucks more profit.

Snow cones. Yes, we’re going to go there. So, if you want to make a treat for the patrons at your restaurant, or serve guests at your party homemade snow cones, you can easily make them with a little syrup and some flake ice. If you’ve already got a machine on the premises, it never hurts to open another revenue stream.

Capitalize on your flake ice machine for more than just the deli counter. Imagine the possibilities!

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