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7 Essential Question to Ask When Buying an Ice Maker

By  David Burgess
Category: Ice Machines

There are a lot of ice machines for sale in Australia these days that are designed or are suitable for home use. The appeal of an ice maker in the home is pretty obvious but it is quite a big investment.


We’ve put together seven essential questions you should ask before buying an ice maker.

  1. How Much Ice Does It Produce?

This is a really basic one – find out how much your ice the machine produces and whether it suits your needs. If you just want an ice maker to put a few cubes in your gin and tonic, then a lower rate of production should be enough. But if you regularly host parties with numerous guests, you’ll want a higher rate of ice production.

  1. What Type of Ice Does It Make?

There are many types of ice, ranging from standard cubes to ‘pearls’ and flakes. Most people are happy with regular ice cubes, but it all depends. If you are all about visual appeal, maybe pearls make more sense for you. Or, if you like to serve up cold seafood like prawns, mussels, or oysters, maybe a flake ice machine is better.

  1. Air or Water Condenser?

Find out how the condenser in the ice machine is cooled – does it use ice or water? There are pros and cons to both methods. Water-cooled condensers use and waste an excessive amount of water, but they are very consistent. Air-cooled versions are more economical, but they can work poorly if the surrounding air gets too hot.

  1. What Is the Energy Efficiency Rating?

Find out the energy efficiency star rating for the machine you want to purchase. The more stars out of six the appliance has the more efficiently it will run, making it better for the environment and your power bill.

  1. How Big Is the Ice Machine?

Make sure you carefully measure the area where you want to put your ice machine and measure the unit to make sure it fits. Bear in mind that ice machines often need a certain amount of clearance around them to provide air circulation, so don’t forget this when measuring.

  1. Does It Come with a Warranty?

A warranty is always a good indicator of quality – why provide a warranty on something you think is likely to break? It also brings you peace of mind if something does go wrong. Find out what the warranty is and try to avoid anything lower than 5 years. It’s also good to find out the specific details of the cover for parts, labour, the unit itself, and whether there are any warranty extensions available.

  1. How Sophisticated Is the Technology?

Like everything else, ice machines are getting smarter. Fancier models can be programmed to produce more or less ice at certain times or depending on certain factors. Some machines can even self-monitor and warn you of problems in the system. However, none of that is strictly necessary so if you want to save some money – or just like to keep things simple – just go for a basic model.

Now that you know the right questions to ask, why not explore our range of products or get in touch for more information.


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