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Biozone Icezone

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 Biozone Icezone
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What is IceZone®

IceZone® is a multi-patented Clean-In-Place (CIP) food equipment sanitation system that prevents slime, mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast from growing on the surfaces of ice machines and is proven by independent third party test labs to eliminate over 99% of surface micro-contamination.

IceZone® is approved for use on nearly all major commercial ice machines in the field and is certified by UL, NSF, and HACCP. Every commercial ice machine can benefit from installation of IceZone®.


Who should be using IceZone®

Bottom line, if you use an ice machine, IceZone® will help you with three serious problems:

1. Eliminate slime, mold, yeast, bacteria and other impurities

2. Reduce cleaning time

3. Extend the life of your ice machine

Restaurants, universities, public schools, hospitals, and hotels are the predominant users of IceZone® but anyone with an ice machine with a concern about health and/or cleaning costs will see the benefits of IceZone®.


IceZone® Advantages:

  • Reduce ice machine cleaning time by over 75%
  • Expected life span of ice machines increased by 30%
  • Reduce service calls relating to ice machines by 70%
  • Eliminate the threat of health code violations for unsanitary ice machines
  • Protect your brand and reputation

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Biozone Icezone

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