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If you're looking for top brand ice machines and ice makers, this is your one-stop shop. Ice Machines Australia provides top quality commercial ice makers as well as a range of other versatile products and accessories. Just browse our wide range and ask us if you need any help..

Types of units available:

Undercounter Self Contained Icemakers Modular Icemakers (Head)
Dispensing Storage Bins


Types of Ice:

Cube or Dice Ice Makers: Rhomboid shape cube with 98% ice to water ratio.
Nugget Cube Ice Makers: Cylindrical shape cube with 83% ice to water ratio. A softer chewable cube.
Half Cube/Half Dice Ice Makers: Rhomboid shape cube with 98% ice to water ratio. Half full cube.
Crescent cube Ice Makers: Crescent (moon) shape cube with 98% ice to water ratio.
Octagonal Cube Ice Makers: Octagon shape cube with 98% ice to water ratio. Flake Ice Ice Makers: Flake (chip) shaved ice with 65% ice to water ratio.
Brema Fast iceFast Ice Cube Ice Makers: Fast ice is small with a light structure similar to half cube ice.

clear ball ice
Ball Ice Cube Ice Makers: Ball ice is 45mm sperical in shape. Is fantastic in a whisky glass.


Finding Your Ice Maker

From self-contained units to storage bins and dispensers, we have the ice making solutions for you. Just follow the steps below to find the perfect fit.

  1. Click on the product category below
  2. We’ll display a range of that fits your selection
  3. Click on the type of product that you’re interested in
  4. The next page shows you a selection of that type of ice maker

It’s as easy as that! If you’ve got a better idea of what you’re looking for, just use our search function and explore by brand or product type.

Types of Units Available:                                 

  • Under-counter self-contained icemakers
  • Dispensing products
  • Modular icemakers (head)
  • Storage bins

Types of Ice:

We supply cube or dice shapes, octagonal cubes, flake ice and much more. We even offer custom solutions!

Explore our ice shapes section to learn more.

Ask Us about Your Product Choices

If you need further assistance with product selection, you can call us 24/7. Ask us about specific products, ordering, and any other queries you have!