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Ice Master brings together superior European technology and local service excellence

Ice Master offers a range of Italian-made Ice Makers for a variety of applications across various industries. We are fully equipped to sell, install and service our ice makers all over Australia

Icemaster EQ Series Square Cube

The EQ Series solid dice ice makers feature a vertically mounted evaporator and an innovative linear design and extremely reliability. The ice cubes are produced by means of a uniform and continuous jet of water which flows downwards onto a highly efficient vertical evaporator where it is distrib ... More>>

EQ150 150kg $3250.00 + GST $3,575.00 Add to Cart Add  
EQ250 250kg $3750.00 + GST $4,125.00 Add to Cart Add
EQ350 350kg $4550.00 + GST $5,005.00 Add to Cart Add
EQ450 450kg $5490.00 + GST $6,039.00 Add to Cart Add
Icemaster Granular Ice Flakers

Compact granular ice for various different uses in restaurants, fish-shops, self-service and industries.


FI80 (80kg) $poa
FI120 (120kg) $poa
FI270 (270kg) $poa
FI550 (550kg) $poa
FI1100 (1100kg) $poa
Icemaster Ice Transport System

The ITS is perfect for moving flake ice quickly and easily.


IBC50 $4250.00 + GST $4,675.00 Add to Cart Add  
IBC300 $6550.00 + GST $7,205.00 Add to Cart Add
IBC600 $10990.00 + GST $12,089.00 Add to Cart Add
IBC1000 $13990.00 + GST $15,389.00 Add to Cart Add
Icemaster Octagonal Cube Ice

Ice Master provides a great range of Ice Makers built to deliver peak performance in hot kitchens, confined spaces and harsh climatic conditions. Our Ice Makers are manufactured to a high standard in an ISO certified facility, to make sure you get a reliable supply of ice to maximise your busines ... More>>

MX20 18kg $1,705.00 Add to Cart Add  
MX30 30kg $2,035.00 Add to Cart Add
MX45 45kg $2,365.00 Add to Cart Add
MX60 60kg $2,805.00 Add to Cart Add
MX100 90g $3,355.00 Add to Cart Add
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