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Since 1948 Follett Corporation has led the industry in manufacturing high quality, innovative ice storage bins, ice machines, ice and water dispensers and ice and beverage dispensers for the global foodservice and healthcare industries. Folletts' equipment provides outstanding innovation and design excellence to meet the specific needs of each facility.

Follett Ice Bin Device Systems
Gravity drops ice into carts & totes for faster, cleaner, safer ice removal More>>
Dev 500SG $poa
Dev 700SG $poa
Dev 850SG $poa
Follett Ice Transport Accessories
Ice transport carts to assist you in transporting various amounts of ice, making ice transport safer and more sanitary. Products for ice storage & transport needs. More>>
Smartcart 75 $poa
Smartcart 125 $poa
Smartcart 240 $poa
Follett Ice Transport System
The ITS is perfect for moving flake ice quickly and easily. More>>
ITS 700 $poa
ITS 1350 $poa
Follett Remote Ice Device Equipment (RIDE)

RIDE® ice machine kits


Remote Ice Device Equipment (RIDE) $poa
Follett Symphony Series Dispensers


E12 $poa
E25F $poa
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