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With its simple, elegant form and crystalline purity Brema Icemakers and Ice Machines are our most frequently requested machines. You’ll find Brema Ice Machine fans all over the world.


Brema Ice Makers are a sophisticated product that makes every drink special, while its discreet cooling action enhances the flavour of the drink.

Ice Cube machines are equipped with broad-section metal sprayers designed for ease of disassembly,
providing a liberal flow capable of dealing with very hard waters.


The production cycles are regulated by a thermostat and internal timer. Simple mechanical operation makes the Brema Ice Machines and Icemakers particularly suitable for the Australian climate. CB Installation CB Cleaning & Sanitising CB Condenser filter clean


Brema Freshmaker (24kg)

Countertop Icemaker with Cold Water Dispenser

Freshmaker (24kg) $poa
Brema Granular Ice Flakers

Compact granular ice for various different uses in restaurants, fish-shops, self-service and industries.


GB601 (60kg) $poa
GB902 (90kg) $poa
GB903 (90kg) $poa
Brema IC18 (21kg) $1990.00 + GST

Countertop Icemaker 

IC18 (21kg) $1990.00 + GST $2,189.00 Add to Cart Add  
Brema Octagonal Cube Ice CB Installation CB Cleaning & Sanitising


Brema CB184A (21kg per 24hrs) $poa
Brema CB249A (28kg per 24hrs) $poa
Brema CB316A (33kg per 24hrs) $poa
Brema CB416A (42kg per 24hrs) $poa
Brema CB425A (46kg per 24hrs) $poa
Brema CB640A (65kg per 24hrs) $poa
Brema CB840A (80kg per 24hrs) $poa
Brema CB955A (90kg per 24hrs) $poa
Brema CB1265A (130kg per 24hrs) $poa
Brema CB1565A (155kg per 24hrs) $poa
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